Memebox Collaboration Box #10 Unboxing

Hello, lovelies!

I this post I hereby present you my first (and 2nd to last) Memebox order.

For those of you who don’t know, Memebox is a korean beauty-bag-type of box, with the sole exception that it does not require a monthly subscription. Each box is unique and every buyer decides for himself which box to buy and when to buy it.

Description from the website:

Memebox is the best way to discover and shop for the newest beauty trends and Korean cosmetics. We offer exclusive curated boxes, Korean beauty products, and the trendiest collaborations with leading digital beauty stars.

Up until the 10th of February, memebox offered international shipping for most of their products. Unfortunately, right now it only ships to the US, leaving thousands of international buyers upset and enraged.

This is the 10th box from the Collaboration Box series and the 4th (and last) box CutiePieMarzia has curated and comes with 9 full sized products.











  1. Amini Relaxing Bath Bomb in Lavender (120 g; $10 memebox; not found on ebay)

20150213_103653 20150213_103616

While I don’t like lavender, the bath bomb smells pretty nice. It’s white with lavender colored sprinkles on top.

I’m looking forward to trying it on my next relaxing bath.

  1. Vivito Painting Single Shadow Shimmer ( 2 x 1.6 g; $7 memebox; not found on ebay)


I was really excited for these, all the while praying that from the four possible shades I don’t get the pink ones (I stopped wearing pink eyeshadow a long long time ago when I realized they look bad with my eye and skin color).

My prayers were only half answered. I got the shades:

BR01 – Morning Brown – it was love at first swatch. Amazing shade. I sense a great relationship blooming for us in the future 🙂

PK02 – Pink Blossom – it’s the darkest shade of pink from the two possible. I expected to hate it with a burning passion, but on swatch it looks quite nice with a golden-brownish shimmer to it. Maybe I’ll give it a go.


I really wanted it in shade BR02 Coco Brown as well, but if these two perform beautifully, I might just buy it from ebay (edit: I did not find them on ebay)– might because I don’t really buy monos, I’m more of a palette kind of girl.



  1. Shara Shara Banana Honey All-in-one Cream (200 ml; $13 memebox; 7.16$ koreadepart)

20150213_104009This cream smells uh-ma-zing. Like a banana honey mash delicious treat. The yummy goodness you crave from your childhood and never seem to forget. No kidding, my boss smelled this and said it’s astronaut food- eat in case of global disaster.

Since I only have one body moisturizer at the moment, I’m going to use it as a body cream. Though… should I? My family might eat me if I do…



  1. AHC Private Real Eye Cream (30 ml; $64 memebox; 19.99$ ebay?)

20150213_104542This is the product with the highest value from the box.

It seems interesting enough and I love the fact that you can use it all over your face. I don’t have wrinkles yet, but it promises to also reduce undereye bags and dark circles so I’m pretty pumped about using it.

I’ll review it more in depth after I’ve had the chance to use it for a while.




  1. Lassie’el Juicy Strawberry Facial Mask (3 x 25 g; $12 memebox; not found on ebay)

20150213_104431This is practically a strawberry wash-off facial mask.

I didn’t open any of them, but the packaging looks sturdy enough, so I’m going to save them as they’re perfect for my travels this summer.



  1. Shara Shara Natural Shining BB (49 g; $28 memebox; not found on ebay)

I’m not going to go in depth about this BB. Shiny, slightly shimmery finish, not suited for my oily skin.

The packaging is cute, it smells nice and feels lightweight, but, as I said, not my piece of cake.

It does have SPF 35 though, which is very nice.




  1. Inoface Modeling Cup Pack (15 g; 4$memebox)

20150213_104219I was really curious to see which one I’ll get. I didn’t want to get the Yogurt one, I didn’t really care for the Peppermint one and was unsure about the Chlorella one.

The one I received was Acerola. Looks nice, smells nice, can’t wait to try it out. I wonder if it’ll feel like slime on my face.


All in all, a pretty nice first box. I see myself using most of these products. Too bad memebox doesn’t ship internationally anymore.


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