Memebox Unboxing: SharaShara Skincare Set 2

Hello, lovelies! How are you on this fine day?

I want to introduce you today to my last Memebox order (since it doesn’t ship internationally anymore *sadface*), the “SharaShara Skincare Set Season 2” box. Buying this was a quick decision on my part and I was also tempted by the Elizavecca Skincare Set, but I chose this one in the end, as the other one was much more expensive.

Price: 38$ with free shipping

For those of you who don’t know,

Memebox is the fastest trending beauty company in the world. We offer the latest

Korean beauty products in exclusive curated boxes and collaborate with rising digital stars to create the latest looks with our own makeup line, XO Memebox.

Tbh, I bought this box quite some time ago and I totally forgot what was in it. Their website didn’t help either, as they deleted the page where they presented you the products. I didn’t have a leaflet in the box (did they forget to put it in?), so I guess I’ll just have to make have with what I’ve got.




1. Fresh Apple Martini Ampoule Pore Care (18.09 $ on koreadepart)Shara Shara Apple Martini Ampoule

Shara Shara Apple Martini Ampoule Consistency

I remember now I was most excited for this product. With its tri-phasic formula (water, oil and fluorine), it promises to moisturize and smoothen your skin, without irritating or enlarge your pores.

So it’s made for us big pored gals’ out there.




Shara Shara Apple Martini Ampoule Ingredients

It smells really nice and the ingredients are amazing (I counted 9 fruit extracts, how cool is that?). The consistency is a bit weird though. It dries very fast on the cotton pad (very very very fast, it practically evaporates) and the bottle cap is not the best for putting it on the pad. I had the best results while keeping the pad horizontally and the bottle vertically and just letting it drip on the cotton pad. But it absorbs very fast in your skin and while at first your skin has a slight oily film, after 5 minutes it’s all absorbed and your skin looks nice.

Final judgement: I love it. Since I’ve just finished my tonic lotion, I’ll use this instead after I’ve taken my makeup off. I guess you could use it as a makeup remover as well for gentle makeup.


2. Pure Source Ocean Mist

Shara Shara Ocean Mist Spray

So, this product is a sea grape-enriched a face mist, which is supposed to moisturize your dry face before applying makeup.

According to koreadepart, It’s paraben, mineral oil, sulfate and triethanolamine free, but I really wish it had the ingredients on the bottle.

I didn’t get the chance to use it yet, I’ll make a full review when I do.




3. Moisture Poten Cream (20.25$ on koreadepart)Shara Shara Moisture Poten Cream

Finally arriving to the creams.

Shara Shara Moisture Poten Cream Ingredients

This face cream contains baobab, cactus, argan oil., aloe oil, green tea extract, rice extract, adenosine, ceramide 3, soluble collagen(?) and shea butter. Sounds very promising. (sorry for the photo, the ingredients are written so so small)

Shara Shara Moisture Poten Cream Consistency

I think this is supposed to be a day cream, but at least for me it’s a bit heavy and not make-up over it friendly, so I’ll probably end up using it as a night cream. My face really needs moisturizing at the moment.

Smells ok, looks ok (I’m not used to creams that are not white- this one is a bit yellow-y), my skin feels nice after it, doesn’t clog up my pores or breaks me out.

Final verdict: Pretty nice. Can’t wait to see the results


4. Hinoki Spa Lotion (16.64$ on koreadepart)Shara Shara Hinoki Spa Lotion

OMG the packaging looks adorable and the bottle looks so pretty.

Shara Shara Hinoki Spa Lotion IngredientsThis is a moisture balance lotion with phytoncide, meant to refresh and balance your skin, making you feel after spa.

While I think the bottle is gorgeous without it being overly girly, I don’t really like the application. While it’s easy to get the product in the beginning, I doubt it will be easy to get it out of the bottle when you’re almost out of product.

The formula is watery, which ensures a fast skin absorption and it smells like a lotion they would use at a spa (I don’t like the smell, it smells very … creamy- like going to the seaside and applying sunburn cream after going to the beach).

Shara Shara Hinoki Spa Lotion Accident

As you can see, when I tried opening it for the first time and pulled the safety, there was a little accident involving some exploding cream all over my fingers and on the bottle. Didn’t see that one coming.



Final verdict: love the design, don’t really like the smell, didn’t quite test the cream yet.



5. Gold label repescargo hydrogel mask (3.61$ on koreadepart)Shara Shara Gold Label Repescargo Hydrogel Mask

This sheet mask contains snail mucus filtrate and gold.

It’s free of artificial color, talc, alcohol and benzophenone.

The package is huge- it’s actually a bit bigger than the whole box.

Shara Shara Gold Label Repescargo Hydrogel Mask Application

Can’t wait to try it out. It sounds do freaky.



Final price of the box: 62.13$ + shipping(probably about 20$ on koreadepart)


It’s a nice box and the products were selected to match the purpose of the box, aka skincare.

From these products so far, I’d buy the Fresh Apple Martini Ampoule, the snail mask and maybe the ocean mist and moisture cream.

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