Haul: Steampunk Necklace

A few weeks ago I was on a trip to Brasov with my family and there was a handmade fair in the main square. Since I am a total steampunk sucker but I can’t really afford to dress like a gothic victorian futuristic Lolita, when my eyes fell onto this necklace I knew I had to have it.

Acum cateva saptamani eram in Brasov cu a mea familie si in Piata Sfatului era un targ handmade. Din moment ce iubesc stilul steampunk dar nu-mi permit sa ma imbrac (in totalitate) ca o Lolita gotica victoriana futuristica, lantul a fost dragoste la prima vedere.

Steampunk necklace


Fucking gorgeous, right? Price: ~10$

This is their Facebook page, but I don’t think it’s really updated and the prices are in Romanian currency.

Superb nu-i asa? Nu mai tin minte exact cat a costat, undeva intre 35 si 45 de lei.

Asta este pagina lor de Facebook pentru doritoare, dar nu pare chiar updatata frecvent.

I have some more steampunk jewelry and stuff. Would you like to see that as well?

Asta este numai unul dintre accersoriile mele steampunk. Ati vrea sa le vedeti si pe celelalte?


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