🎆 New Year Nails: Glass Nails ðŸŽ‰

Today’s mani suggestion includes a rendition of the famous and popular Korean trend: the glass nails.

Glass nails


Glass nailsGlass nails


For those who don’t know, glass nails are THE THING in Korea right now. The traditional way of doing them is by using a special variation of iridescent cellophane.  I searched for the right cellophane for days and days, but I couldn’t manage to find it in any store in Bucharest (I only found the matte variation which did not apply for what I wanted to do). So, while I came across glass like confetti in the Christmas isle, I knew that was it. The faster and easier way of achieving the glass nails right there.

What you need:

  • a basecoat (optional)
  • a nailpolish (I picked white -OPI Alpine Snow- for now, I intend to do a version of this in black as well)
  • glass like confetti
  • topcoat

I simply put on two layers of my chosen polish, applied the confetti with a wet cotton swab while the nails were still semi-wet and then applied the topcoat.

It was so utterly difficult taking pictures of these. They look so much better in real life.

Perfect for a New Year’s Eve Party and oh so eye-catching.




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