🌌 2016 Resolutions ðŸŒŒ

Because if I put them online, I might feel guilt tripped to do them 😀

  1. Get a belly piercing
  2. Get another tattoo
  3. Make at least 2 Android apps and publish them on the App Store.
  4. Stop overspending. Really. I have almost all the things I need. More makeup is not justified because I already have tons at home.
  5. Don’t buy a new product if I have a similar one at home with the same function and purpose. Even if it’s on sale.
  6. Make a capsule wardrobe.
  7. Get a driver’s license (maybe even learn to ride a motorcycle as a bonus :D)
  8. Apply for a Postgraduate program in the UK because I’ve always wanted to study there.
  9. Start wearing contacts.
  10. Start saving money.
  11. Buy a new phone.
  12. Buy a good laptop if planning on leaving for another country.
  13. Buy a camera and start a Youtube channel.
  14. Take yoga classes.
  15. Lose a little weight and tone out more.
  16. Learn a new language.
  17. Start cooking more.
  18. Post at least once a week on the blog.
  19. Travel more and go out more.
  20. Focus on the things I like. It’s not worth it wasting time on doing stuff you hate.
  21. Complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge.
  22. Read more self-help books.
  23. Surround myself with people who are worth it. It’s not healthy to belittle myself for people who refuse to grow up no matter our history together.
  24. Be more confident.
  25. F*ck what people think and do my thing.

10 thoughts on “🌌 2016 Resolutions ðŸŒŒ

  1. allofmebeauty says:

    Your resolution about losing weight…. I have a post scheduled for next ssturday at around 21:00 its about how I am planning to lose weight and what I am currenlty doing… I think it would help with your resolution.
    Saeeena xxx


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