🎠 Lime Crime Unboxing ðŸŽ 

lime crime

Hello, sparkly unicorns, today I will show you my teeny tiny purchase from the famous vegan brand Lime Crime.

Packaging and eyeliner

Packaging and eyeliner

The eyeliner is in shade Blue Milk. I also wanted to purchase Orchidaceous, which is a lovely vivid orchid shade, but for some reason I couldn’t find it listed anymore (is it discontinued)?

The order arrived fast (3 weeks I think) and the packaging was soo adorable. For only 1 product I got sent the whole big box. Since it’s way too pretty to throw it out, I think I’ll use it as a makeup storage unit from now on.

Lime Crime Blue Milk Close-up

Lime Crime Blue Milk close-up

Now for the color: blue milk is an amazing baby blue, which is awesome for a spring and summer palette (ingredients and swatches below).

I love the fact that it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

The color is vivid and pigmented and lasts for a long time , though you need to apply it over again a few times because the formula is a bit watery and the applicator might make a streak in the middle. It did take me a while to learn how to work with it and making a winged look was a bit more difficult, but it is do-able and looks very nice.

It’s not the color for green eyes, but I’ll be damned if I let that stop me from using it ❤

Ingredients, applicator and swatches

Ingredients, applicator and swatches


So pretty, isn’t it? If the lighting works in my favor and my camera is able to catch it right, I might make a few posts with looks while using it.

Is this something you would wear? How would you pair it up? Give me all the suggestions 😀




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