🌸 Tea Of The Month | Japanese Cherry Blossom πŸŒΈ

japanese cherry blossom tea

Because when you can’t go to Japan for the Cherry Blossom festival, you bring the next best thing: cherry blossom tea.

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πŸ’… Letting it go βŒ§

nailpolish collection remove

Because I’m trying to adhere to the Minimalist vibe, I’ve decided to let go of some of my old nailpolishes I hadn’t used in ages. This was part 2, as I had previously thrown away some of them which had gone bad last winter.

I must confess, it feels terribly refreshing. Why the clutter when I never seem to use them? Decluttering at its finest and I’m proud AF of myself. A few years back I would’ve hogged them and exposed them like fine china and let them dry out and rot because I just couldn’t let go.

I don’t think that’s what Elsa had in mind when she wrote that song though πŸ˜€




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πŸ’† Nature Republic Facemask Haul πŸ’†

nature republic sheet mask

Did I tell you I love ebay? No? Well… I love ebay. And when you catch an awesome bid you go for it. Won these 3 beauties for $4 the set and I can’t wait to try them. Korean skincare is love.

Because I’d do anything to fuel my unhealthy sheet mask obsession.

  • Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Rose
  • Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Green Tea
  • Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Aloe




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