❀ Monthly Favorites | May 2016 πŸ’˜

May Favorites

Featuring vegan makeup, vegan fragrance, Korean stuff, haircare, iherb and more.

may favorites

  1. Mane’n Tail Herbal Gro Shampoo

Since I was telling you how much I loved their detangler, I decided to try the shampoo as well. It was surprisingly good. It didn’t irritate my scalp (and I have a very sensitive one), it lather quite nicely and the most amazing fact was that it made my hair really soft. I didn’t even need a conditioner after it and my hair always looks like a broom if I don’t condition. Very very good product.



It’s so refreshing to use on the under-eye area in the morning. The packaging is adorable and you know I love Korean products. I didn’t notice any visible improvement in my dark circles’ color, but the cooling effect feels amazing.

May Favorites


Already talked about this here. Vegan. Baby Blue. Amazing for spring.



My favorite iherb lipbalm ever. Already did a review on it here.


5.Β Vivito Painting Single Shadow ShimmerΒ BR01 – Morning Brown

Got it last year in CutiePieMarzia’s Memebox special set and only found it again lost in a drawer. Gorgeous color for an overall eyeshadow, blends nicely, good for an everyday look. Another Korean product I love.

May Favorites

6. Shiro cosmetics moon prism power eyeshadow

I love Shiro. Handcrafted, geeky vegan products. Moon Prism Power, for those who couldn’t tell, is inspired by none other than Sailor Moon. Tbh, I always had this shade in my wishlist, but never added it to my orders. Until now. Boy, I do regret I didn’t get it sooner. It’s such a versatile color- a white base with multicolored shimmer. It works amazingly well as an inner corner highlighter. Much wow. Much love.



Another vegan product. Another indie brand. Smelling like sweet sweet cookies. I feel like eating myself when I put this on. #dead #ImInLove


8. Femme Fatale Maze of Mirrors Nailpolish

This is my first nailpolish from Femme Fatale and I can see how these get people addicted. Just Gawd it’s so so pretty. Stay tuned for a Mani Monday with this.

May Favorites

9. Physicians Formula Eyeliner

Not the most pigmented I’ve ever had, but the pen gives such a huge precision and because it’s so thin it’s easy to correct mistakes. So I get flawless lines even with my two left hands. Also got it via iherb, because I couldn’t find it my country 😦


10. My beauty sleep

Because work + uni deadlines and projects and exams I didn’t get to sleep that much. It made my value my beauty sleep even more. Bed, here I come.


That’s a wrap up. I know I’ve been absent from the blog lately, but I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks. Promise I’ll try to write more from now on. What were your favorites this May, pretties? Anything interesting?



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5 thoughts on “❀ Monthly Favorites | May 2016 πŸ’˜

  1. Andi says:

    Great post! I just graduated after five exhausting years of college. Good luck with finals!
    I have the Panda’s Dream stick, and find that because it’s more of a cool white it actually emphasizes my undereye area, and that it also doesn’t fit well in the inner part of my undereye. Overall a big disappointment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ladyd1ana says:

      Well, I didn’t really notice anything aside from the slight cooling effect. I have yet to discover a cream which actually works on dark circles. But the packaging is cute so there’s that :))
      Thank youuu I just finished with the exams last week. Exhausting. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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