❤ Monthly Favorites | July 2016 ❤

July Favorites

Finally on time with the favorites!!! Huraay! Lots of stuff this month, featuring Sephora, Avene, The Body Shop, L’Occitane, iherb products, vegan products  and more.

July Favorites

July Favorites


Sephora Tropical Fun, L’Occitane Verbena Perfume, Bellapierre Pink Cheek Stain, Vivito Painting Single Shadow Shimmer

L-R: thisworks in transit camera close-up, Avene Thermal Water spray, Sephora nailpolish in Tropical Fun, L’Occitane verbena perfume

L-R: South of France Wild Rose Soap, itworks in transit camera close-up

L-R: South of France Wild Rose Soap, itworks in transit camera close-up

Hello Waffle SOUTH lipstick

Hello Waffle SOUTH lipstick


  1. Sephora nailpolish in Tropical Fun

Lovely color for spring. Baby blue with slight mint accents. Very refreshing and fun to wear.

2. Bellapierre Pink Cheek and Lip Stain

Got this in my Lookfantastic box. Totally love it. Long lasting power and the color suits me perfectly.

3. Vivito Painting Single Shadow Shimmer BR01 – Morning Brown

Got it last year in CutiePieMarzia’s Memebox special set and only found it again lost in a drawer. Gorgeous color for an overall eyeshadow, blends nicely, good for an everyday look. Another Korean product I love. I almost hit the pan.

4. L’Occitane Verbena Perfume

Verbena is not only a weapon against vampires. It also smells amazing. It reminds me of sweet scented candied lemon. I wish it had a longer lasting power though 😦

5. ITWORKS In transit Camera close-up (Mask, Moisturiser, Primer)

This product is THE BOMB. The smell is just amazing. It does a good job moisturizing and the size is perfect for travels. I’m almost afraid to use it because then I will finish it and it’s gonna be over. Words cannot describe how awesome this product is.

6. Avene Eau Thermale

I’m not a fan of thermal waters in generals, but this one comes in a spray format and it cools you down in an instant. It’s a summer must have.

7. Physicians Formula Eyeliner

Not the most pigmented I’ve ever had, but the pen gives such a huge precision and because it’s so thin it’s easy to correct mistakes. So I get flawless lines even with my two left hands. Also got it via iherb, because I couldn’t find it my country. If you hurry, this week they’ve got a 20% off Physicians Formula products.

8. Hello Waffle Cosmetics Lipstick in SOUTH

I’m sooo sad Hello Waffle is taking a break until autumn. I just love their lipstick. I don’t honestly know how they’re this good. South is very creamy and hidrating, but oh so pigmented at the same time. I don’t usually wear lipsticks, but I’ve worn this red one continuously for the past 2 weeks. Also, vegan.

9. South of France French Milled Rose Soap

Something else I got on iherb but only got to use now. It’s very creamy, smells nice, mild and perfect for shaving.

10. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

100% vegan with bamboo charcoal, green tea and tea tree. I cannot even express how much I’m loving it. And you can actually see the results after the first try. It was definitely an investment.

11. My flower Power Charger

Because Pokemon Go murders my battery.


These were my favorites this month. I can’t believe it’s already August…





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