✈ Oriflame Travel Haul â›µ

Travel Oriflame Hayl

Travel Oriflame Haul


Just a few things I reeeeeaaaally needed in my summer travel bag. And Oriflame just happened to have them.


  1. Anchor soap

This is soo creamy. And the smell is pleasant. Also couldn’t resist the anchor shape/

2. Love Nature Cleansing Wipes

One of my favorite makeup wipes. Very nice because of the tea tree formula.

3. Optimals Face Blotting Sheets

Because oily skin and hot weather doesn’t make a good combo. Didn’t try their version of blotting sheets yet. Hopefully they’ll live up to the expectation.

4. Feet Up Cooling Breeze Foot Cream

Love the mint & kiwi smell. Now I don’t know about you, but when I go in holiday I usually walk a lot, visiting and whatnot. So at night before going to bed I like to show my feetsies some well deserved love and cream them up. It feels so relaxing.

5. The One Lipliner in Dark Plum

I expected a darker red, but this is mostly very … plum. Love the color though.



Are these included in your summer travel essentials? What else do you take? I need inspiration 😀




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