📝 Dear Diary: Gym, Arms and Legs ðŸ’ª

Dear Diary,


Note to self: going to an intense gym class after ages of self-indulgence is a bad bad idea. Unless you enjoy pain. Then it’s ok.

This week, after a long time, I said I’d take a detour to the gym. And since at my workplace we have a special card and we know of a close and very nice gym with nice fitness schedules, 2 of my colleagues and I decided we’d man up and go for a workout.

What did we go for first? Abs&legs. Because, of course, we just couldn’t pick a simpler and less intense class. We’re just masochistic like that.

The exercises turned out to be so intense for my poor unused jelly muscles my knees were shaking by the time I got home.

And the muscular fever that followed was a killer. It lasted for 3 days! 3 days of pain. We were barely being able to walk! 3 days in which climbing or mentioning stairs literally brought tears to our eyes.

We’ll go there again. Pain aside, the place and instructor were very nice (talk about booty goals- not that we checked our instructor out or anything- we’d never!). But maybe next time, let’s try something easier. Because we’re softies.


Any workout programme for out-of-shape girls you can recommend? Do you go to any gym classes?




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