✅ September Goals ☑

Hello lovelies! Inspired by my friend Irina, I’ve decided to set some goals every month. Maybe if I put them online I’ll guilt trip myself into actually doing them 😀 And since autumn is coming up, it’s the perfect timing for a lifestyle change, don’t you think? So, I give you my September goals:


  1. Try to eat breakfast everyday. I’m always in a hurry and I’m incapable of eating breakfast so early after I’ve woken up. So I don’t eat in the morning. Which is not healthy.
  2. Start reading again. Because I love reading, but I was in a little dry-reading-spell the past months.
  3. Start exercising. Taco belly is not going to magically poof itself.
  4. Write more on the blog. I have a lot of topics, but I’m sooo lazy.
  5. Eat a salad at *least* twice a week. Because  weight-loss and what not.
  6. Declutter my autumn wardrobe.
  7. Get a haircut. My split ends are going to be the end of me.


And that’s about it. I said I’ll start off easy because baby steps are the base.

Wish me luck, pretties. What are your goals this month?




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