📝 Dear Diary: Being sick in the summer ðŸ˜·

Dear Diary,


My week featured a lot of Coldrex, Nurofen and hot tea. In the last days of summer. I mean, who gets the flu when it’s still so hot outside?

I’ll tell you who. The *numpty* who sleeps with the windows open and doesn’t dry her freshly washed hair before going to bed.

If only…

Let me tell you, having a coughing seizure in the middle of the tram is no fun. Especially when people look at you like you have the *Zombie Apocalypse virus* or something.

Also, having a runny nose in the office is embarrassing when you have to go blow your nose every 5 seconds. I don’t know- is it acceptable to blow your nose with other people around or do you have to do it in private? This is such an obscure subject. It’s not like it happens to everybody noo…

Do you remember when you were sick in school and you stayed at home? Well, adult life sucks and you can’t do that anymore because life and responsibilities.

At least I got to talk in phone conferences with a *sexy Batman voice*. Nailed it!


Feeling better now, but hate being sick. *Cuddle me!*

If you wanna check out my previous Dear Diary rant post, it’s right here.




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