👢 Dr. Martens Pascal Boots in HOT Pink 💖

Dr Martens Pascal 8 in Hot Pink

Dr Martens Pascal 8 in Hot Pink

Mirror,mirror,on the wall, which are the prettiest boots of them all?

Why my Dr. Martens Pascal boots in HOT PINK of course. Yup, ladies and gents, you heard right: pink mother-effing boots. And I plan on wearing the stuffing out of these this autumn.

Where I got them on sale and how was the shipping? HAUL ALERT! Read more to find out.

Dr Martens Pascal 8 in Hot Pink

Dr Martens Pascal 8 in Hot Pink

I’ve been craving a pair of Dr Martens for ages now, but I could never manage to find it in my country. So, in my online searches I stumbled upon Revolve, which had a very interesting selection AND free international shipping for orders over $100. And the rest is history. My orders (because I also pre-ordered an amazing thermos from  S’Well in order to qualify for the free shipping ) arrived in 2 weeks and I didn’t even have to pay VAT or additional taxes.

And the size fits perfectly. I ordered mine in size 8 because even though I’m EU size 38 and the size I ordered would translate into size 39, I had some bad experience when ordering the exact same size via conversion turned out to be too small. Isn’t it a bummer? Ordering something online with a different sizing system and it turns out you were wrong. Buuuut this wasn’t the case: they are a bit bigger, but this way they are perfect to wear with warm thick fluffy socks.

I’m so HYPED right meow. Can’t wait to start wearing them ❤ ❤ ❤


Do you have Dr. Martens or a pair of booties you absolutely completely adore? Please share your models below. I need to feed my recent unhealthy obsession with boots.





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