🎆 2017 Resolutions🎇

motivational penguin

Yes folks! It’s that time of the year again. Time to make lists of stuff to do and pray by some miracle I manage to complete half. Now, what to do this year …

For starters let’s organize every goal by type. Because it’s easier to follow this way.




🗹 Read more self-help books.

🗹 Get at least one professional certification this year.

🗹 Graduate at least 2 Coursera classes this year.

🗹 Continue with and pass at least 2 more modules of German foreign language class.

🗹 Complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge.

🗹 Develop one VR app.

🗹 Get driving lessons.



🗹 Save up more.

🗹 Stop spending so much money on makeup.

🗹 Invest in statement pieces. Need to buy this year: Converse, sandals, waterproof Air Max shoes, dress shirts.

🗹 Buy a phone because the one I have is very crappy and old.



🗹  Travel to at least 2 foreign places this year.

🗹 Invest in experiences, not things.

🗹 Meet new people.



🗹 Eat healthier.

🗹 Lose weight- 5 to 10 kg.

🗹 Eat breakfast.

🗹 Bring more homemade food to work and don’t eat out so much.

🗹 Eat more fruits.



🗹 Smile more.

🗹 Stop comparing myself to others.

🗹 Stop giving a fudge about what others think regarding myself.

🗹 Attitude is everything.

🗹 Take yoga classes.

🗹 Take dancing classes or for the love of all that’s holy learn some dance moves because me not knowing basic dancing is getting ridiculous.

🗹 Go to the shooting range.

🗹 Go horseback riding.

🗹 Have an ear piercing done.

🗹 Do stuff that makes me happy.

🗹 Let go.

🗹 Pay more attention to Diana-humans interaction because it’s important.



Aand that’s about it. I think. Let’s start with these and see how it goes 😀

Any advice for me?




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