💰 10 ways I save money (part 1) ðŸ’³

Let’s face it. We spend. A lot. On makeup. On food. On clothes we don’t need even though our wardrobe is full. So, in an attempt to save more and spend less I decided to have more self control and apply some very basic rules. This is what worked for me:

💅 Letting it go âŒ§

nailpolish collection remove

Because I’m trying to adhere to the Minimalist vibe, I’ve decided to let go of some of my old nailpolishes I hadn’t used in ages. This was part 2, as I had previously thrown away some of them which had gone bad last winter.

I must confess, it feels terribly refreshing. Why the clutter when I never seem to use them? Decluttering at its finest and I’m proud AF of myself. A few years back I would’ve hogged them and exposed them like fine china and let them dry out and rot because I just couldn’t let go.

I don’t think that’s what Elsa had in mind when she wrote that song though 😀




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