♫ Song of the Month | The Arena ♫


This is just amazing. The music and the dance. I wish I could dance like that. I’ve been a fan of Lindsey Stirling for ages, but The Arena is her best song yet.

And the steampunk vibe of the setting is just WOW.

I think I broke the repeat button.




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♫ Song of the Month: January 2016 ♪

Do you have a song that no matter what you do is stuck in your head for a while and can’t get it out? Me too.

This tag is for my current song obsession. I think it’s time I kept track of the tunes that throw my brain into a loop 😀

This month’s obsession: Lady of Worlds by Miracle of Sound. Because I love the Witcher and I love Ciri. It has such a strong Balcan vibe and the lyrics are amazing. Enjoy!