🚁 Going Places πŸš…

going places


Hello, my loves!

I apologize for not having written anything on the blog in the past 2 months.I was completing one of New Year’s Resolution: traveling and discovering new places: Finland, Belgium and London (and soon to be Berlin as well).

I’ve learned how to drive a canoe, discovered that my favorite Belgian beers are Kriek and Chimay Blue, tasted as many exotic meals as I can, traveled for work and basked in the awkwardness that ensues, met a lot of new people, roasted in a sauna, went to Warner Bros Studios and my favorite: experienced going alone on holiday and having to rely only on myself and Google Maps (did I mention I have no sense of orientation in space whatsoever?).

All in all, these were a great couple of months. I managed to surprise myself and maybe discover a bit more about myself in the process.

So, I’m back! Expect lots of travel photos and unboxings and rants and videos.

Cya soon!



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β˜‘ 2015 Resolutions Wrap-Up β˜‘

I didn’t manage to do all of them, but I’m damn proud of what I’ve accomplished. 2015 was an interesting year, full of ups and downs, but I feel like I’ve grown up a lot and managed to get to a place where I’m better.

So here’s my Achievement Unlocked list for 2015:


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